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Not abe to install Forticlient ESM with a command line

I initially installed Forticlient ESM CLI with SQLServerInstance=FCEMS. I uninstall Forticlient ESM because that was not the correct variable.


I installed Froticleint ESM CLI with SQLServerInstance=MSSQLSERVER and is failing

Looking at the log I can see that is using the old variable FCEMS.

I looked for this variable in all my machine I removed the SQL Enterprises that ESM initially installed

I continue to have the same problem.


Looks like installing Forticlint ESM with new variables does not work?

Why is not taking my new variables?


Where is Forticlient EMS CLI going to retrieve the old variables?


I tired to install with other versions of EMS and I get the same error

This is what the cmd command that I am using:

C:\Tools_HR\ForticlientESM\FortiClientEndpointManagementServer_6.2.9.0979_x64.exe SQLUser=xx SQLUserPassword=xxx InstallSQL=0 ScriptDB=1 SQLServerInstance=MSSQLSERVER SQLService=MSSQLSERVER SQLCmdlineOptions="/INSTANCENAME=MSSQLSERVER /INSTANCEDIR=D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server" DBInitialSize=31MB DBInitialLogSize=4MB DBGrowth=11MB DBLogGrowth=11% DBLoginTimeout=31 DBQueryTimeout=61




I'd have a look if, after uninstall, there was not db.config left over and so re-used.
Should be db.conf (C:\Program Files (x86)\Fortinet\FortiClientEMS\db.conf).

And I maybe see an issue in CLI string .. 
"c:\ems\bld\v6.00\build1429\FortiClientEndpointManagementServer_6.4.0.1429_interim_x64.exe" /passive %temp%\2013FCTEMSInstaller2020.log SQLUser=omega SQLUserPassword=1 InstallSQL=0 ScriptDB=1 SQLServerInstance=myinstance1 SQLService=mssql$myinstance1 SQLCmdlineOptions="/INSTANCENAME=myinstance1" DBInitialSize=31MB DBInitialLogSize=4MB DBGrowth=11MB DBLogGrowth=11% DBLoginTimeout=31 DBQueryTimeout=61


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