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No WAN on HA after firmware Update

Hi everyone,


I recently performed a firmware upgrade on my HA (two firewalls).


After the reboot, I have no longer WAN access on my network when I plug the distribution port into my secondary firewall. There is still LAN though.


- The firewalls are seen as synchronized by the HA.
- I have replaced the SFP module which appears to be functioning correctly.
- The WAN outage only occurs when I plug in the secondary firewall distribution port (primary being plugged in OK).

I have already attempted a restart of the problematic firewall.


At this point, I don't have many ideas before restoring the backup and hoping that will solve the problem.


Thanks you very much for your time.


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Can you provide more details ?

What model, what was the firmware before / after , how does the problem actually manifest, what tests/checks have you performed , is the WAN ip public static ?


Hi Funkylicious,

Thanks for your reply.


Firewalls: 100F

Initial Firmware: FortiOS 7.2.3 Build1262

New Firmware: FortiOS 7.2.4 Build 1396

WAN IP: static

HA: The two Firewalls are synchronized


Ports on both firewalls:


WAN1 to Router 1

WAN2 to Router 2

HA1 to HA1 (Fw1 to Fw2)

HA2 to HA2 (Fw1 to Fw2)

Distribution Port# to internal switch


There was no physical intervention.


Since the update, there is no more WAN access from the network (Only LAN still works) when the Distribution Port from Secondary Firewall is pluggued. Alone or with the primary Firewall.