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No Traffic Log showing up

Good Morning,


our Fortigate is not logging anything and I can't find why.

Log settings: 

Disk Enabled

Local Report enabled

Historical Fortiview enabled

Disk usage 0.1% 90mb since 1week.


Loging on policys is also activated 

for example: 

FGT61EMCS91XXDS # show firewall policy 83

config firewall policy

    edit 83

        set name "MCX91DX -> Internet"

        set uuid 1eeac48a-52e6-51ea-ec15-98882d8b731d

        set srcintf "wan2"

        set dstintf "wan1"

        set srcaddr "all"

        set dstaddr "all"

        set action accept

        set schedule "always"

        set service "HTTP" "HTTPS" "DNS" "ALL_ICMP"

        set utm-status enable

        set logtraffic all

        set capture-packet enable

        set auto-asic-offload disable

        set fsso disable

        set av-profile "default"

        set webfilter-profile "default"

        set dnsfilter-profile "default"

        set ips-sensor "IKSP91"

        set application-list "ac91"

        set ssl-ssh-profile "ci91"

        set nat enable



Is there a cookbook entry I did not find yet on how to configure it properly?



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