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Network Monitoring & Alerts - Realtime

Hey all... I've been tasked with finding a solution that will send us alerts in real-time when any Fortinet fabric components (firewalls, switches, WAPs, etc) are offline or unreachable. We manage several sites in different geographical locations, and each site is isolated from one another. Therefore, we don't have an on-prem data center solution that we can utilize for alerting. The solution will have to be cloud-based and intelligent enough to scan each site LAN and report back any outages. I was hoping that Fortinet had a built-in solution with either FortiAnalyzer or FortiManager, but it doesn't appear that either product can do real-time alerting.

Any ideas or suggestions on what we could use? Thanks in advance.

omegle xender

Hi @skeet5 

Thanks for posting in the forum.

As you wanted to do the real time monitoring, I can see in fortimanager you can achieve with the SDWAN feature.

Kindly refer the below document if it can help you.


DOC to see the real time monitoring in Analyzer



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