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Need Help with Fortiextender

Hey Guys im writing a paper on fotigate for university. I wanted to connect a fortigate wuth fortiextender 200f to use it as a lan extension but the ordered fortiextender isnt coming in time So i have a question for you guys: Can you use the f200 to connect another subnet to the fortigate, like a side-side VPN Can you tell me in theory how to install the extender since i cant do it my self. Thx guys


Yes, you can use the Fortinet Extender F200 to connect another subnet to the Fortigate via a site-to-site VPN.


Here's a brief outline of the steps to set up the Fortinet Extender F200:

1. Connect the Fortinet Extender F200 to a power source and to an Ethernet port on the other subnet.
2. Log into the web interface of the Fortinet Extender F200 using a web browser and the default IP address (
3. Set up the basic network settings for the Fortinet Extender F200, such as the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
4. Configure the Fortinet Extender F200 as a VPN client by setting up a site-to-site VPN connection to the Fortigate. This will typically involve specifying the IP address or hostname of the Fortigate, as well as the shared secret or authentication credentials.
5. Verify that the site-to-site VPN connection has been established successfully by checking the VPN status in the web interface of the Fortinet Extender F200 and the Fortigate.


Note: This is just a high-level overview, and the specific steps to set up the Fortinet Extender F200 will vary depending on the details of your network configuration and the version of the firmware you are using. For more detailed instructions, you may refer to the Fortinet Extender F200 User/Admin Guide.

Refer to FortiExtender Admin Guide mentioned below for more clarification:


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