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NTP configuration FortiOS 5.0 Fortigate 100D

I am using an obviously old version however I have had no reason to upgrade.

I am trying to set up NTP on this device following the instructions:

Technical Tip : Configuring NTP with authenticatio... - Fortinet Community


I get to this point in the CLI

config system ntp
   set ntpsync enable
   set syncinterval 60
   set source-ip
   config ntpserver


And then I get error: "Command fail, Return code 1"


Could anybody direct me on what is wrong here?


I do not want to have to upgrade just to make NTP configuration work considering it's already documented as working according to documentation with this version.




HI  @zarn ,

It looks like that command does not exists. 

Can you try config ?  and see the available option for the NTP. (perhaps it is config ntp server)

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