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NMS cannot read FortiSwitch MAC Address Table

I have recently added a few FortiSwitches to my network and noticed that neither of my network management systems are able to read the MAC address tables via SNMP. I think this gets read from a fairly standard MIB.


Have I configured something wrong on the switch or is this a function as designed?


Is this a standalone FSW or managed by a FGT? The switch has it's own MIB file (FORTINET-FORTISWITCH-MIB.mib in addition to FORTINET-CORE-MIB) that can be downloaded from the support portal or they can be downloaded directly from the switch in System> Config> SNMP> Settings> [MIB Files]

These files need to be imported in the NMS in case they are missing in the first place.

- Emirjon
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I have the same result from both a standalone switch and a managed by fortigate.

I will try to import the MIBs and see what happens.


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