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Multiple interfaces in local-in-policy


I'm tryin' to restrict access to my FortiGate on WAN ports using the local-in-policy feature. I have two WAN interfaces and the policies are like this:

  1. Granting access to my trusted hosts on WAN1
  2. Implicit deny on WAN1
  3. Granting access to my trusted hosts on WAN2
  4. Implicit deny on WAN2

My problem is that the policy number 2 does not work and the traffic on WAN1 is not limited. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Can you post the local-in policies and what u've tested that didn't worked ?

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Screenshot 2023-03-24 092316.png


Policy 1: works

Policy 2: does not work

Policy 3: works

Policy 4: works


I tested with pings from both Italian and French IPs. For the policy 4 I also tested with debug flow which correctly discards traffic


Is the traffic coming in through wan1 or ha1 ?

Cuz if it's through ha1 w/ destination FW-privIP-2 it might not work.


The traffic comes trough both interfaces (HA1 is main, WAN1 is backup). HA1 has its public IP (FW-privIP-1) and WAN1 has its private IP in DMZ with the ISP's CPE (FW-privIP-2)