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Multiple Forticlient VPN on a Single Interface - Is it possible?

Running 5.6.12


I have successfully been running a "Forticlient" IPSec VPN on my public facing interface, it's for staff remote access.


I need to have a 2nd "Forticlient" IPSec VPN on the same public interface so I can isolate traffic for different staff, then having different policy and access to different internal subnets.


I can only get the 2nd "Forticlient" IPSec VPN to connect if I move it to another public interface. I cannot get it to connect on the same interface as the existing one. Is this a known limitation or am I just having issues with config, Forticlient version etc?


Client OS is Win10 and or Win7.


Appreciate any and all help, cheers!


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Hello, i need an answer too. Is possibile?

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