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Move vlan from Fortigate to Fortiswitch

Hi there, got a question. Our servers are running in a vlan50. This is a vlan interface on the Fortigate 100E Firewall. We are in the middle of changing all our hpe, and cisco switches to managed FortiSwitches. We also take this moment to move to new servers with newer OS. For the new environment we created new vlans on the managed Fortiswitches. This all works well. Since there are some legacy servers, i also want to make vlan50 available on the new fortiswitches. How can i make vlan50 (legacy) available on the fortiswitch. Since it is now already in use by the fortigate 100E itself. I can, ofcourse, remove and remake vlan50 in a downtime window, but maybe you have better/smarter ideas? Thanks in advance
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I'm in the same situation and would love to not have to remove/recreate.

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