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Move WAN interface into LACP bundle without breaking everything

Hello everyone,


I hope I a m posting this in the right place.


I have a 1500D Cluster running 5.4.6 and the WAN interface is connected on interface X. The interface has over a 100 policies attached and a few VPN tunnels. What I need to do is


  • Add a VLAN interface that will inherit all the settings from the WAN port (interface X)
  • Make interface X and Y members of that VLAN[/ul]


    IS this doable without having to redo all the policies and tunnels? am I delusional? what is the best way to go about this?




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    Backup, cut / paste the interface names in the config file, restore Not nice but it’s the only way I know

    That is a good idea, thanks for the suggestion.


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