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Monitor Rules


I have a problem to see if you can help me, I have two legacy Firewalls, one is the Perimeter or External Firewall and the other Internal Firewall. Each department is in a VLAN and they go through the Internal Firewall but they don't have more plugin than the Firewall, that is to say I have a computer in the accounting VLAN with the IP and to go out to internet it goes through this Firewall opening the port 80 and 443, then it goes through the Perimeter Firewall for navigation where there is a policy of blocking not allowed pages. But the problem I have is that it is only letting internal pages pass through and not external ones. For example, it doesn't give me the message of not allowed page that the Firewall gives, it simply gives me a time out. I don't know where or how to check the connection flow anymore to see if it's a rule or something he doesn't like.