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Migration from Fortigate MFA to Fortiautentificator

Currently I have Fortigate 600C cluster, with 70 local users, who has Fortitokens assigned ( mobile and hard ). We are planning to migrate to Fortigate 300E cluster. I also purchased Fortiatutentificator with 100 user license.

Does it exists   some way to migrate local users, with they assigned fortitokens  from Fortigate 600C to fortiautentificator, and the replace Fortigate 600c cluster to Fortigate 300e cluster?



Hi Salas,

FortiAuthenticator can import local users and hardware tokens from FortiGate's config.

For soft tokens you need to contact Fortinet CS to get Mobile token license moved from FortiGate to FortiAuthenticator. Then you'll most probably need to re-assign mobile tokens to users and users re-activate their new tokens on their mobile devices. And then you'll be able to organize tokens, users and whole 2FA for all your FortiGates from FortiAuthenticator.

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