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Migrate physical to virtual FortiGate



For scenarios with a single FortiGate physical device, is there a supported method for migrating the configuration over to a FortiGate virtual machine?


A FortiGate 200D is experiencing random hangs. Fortinet support has instructed to format and reload the firmware, and perform a HQIP_(Hardware_Quick_Inspection_Package)_test. Being this the only device that provides internet access for the organization, besides planning an adequate downtime, we are concerned the device may fail completely. Thus I'm looking for a way that will maintain service during the physical device reload and testing.


Worst scenario would be the physical device not booting again. In that situation, we would be expecting Fortinet and local reseller to provide a replacement, which might take days or maybe weeks to arrive. Having a FortiGate VM running in the meatime would be ideal.


Current firmware running on the FortiGate 200D is 5.2.10 buid742 GA.


BTW, anyone knows what is the ETA for a warranty replacement?




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