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Migrate Fortinet_CA_SSL from old Fortigate to a new one


What steps to take to transfer Fortinet_CA_SSL (used in deep inspection) from one Fortiagte to another.

Fortiagte was replaced with a new one and was configured from scratch.

The Fortinet_CA_SSL certificate is installed on end computers
(so that there are no problems with the certificate in deep inspection)


I do not want to install the certificate from the new Fortigate on computers,
only to transfer the deep inspection from the old fortigate.



If the old FortiGate is still up, you can grab the old CA certificate snippet from CLI: show full vpn certificate local Fortinet_CA_SSL

If not, grab the same object from its configuration backup (config vpn certificate local -> edit "Fortinet_CA_SSL" ...).


Then paste the entire config snippet into the CLI of your new FortiGate (including the encrypted private-key, password, and certificate fields). Note: I am not sure if the default CA is modifiable. Ff it is not, you may need to paste the old CA in with a different name (e.g. "Fortinet_CA_SSL_old") to avoid the name conflict. Afterwards you will need to edit your SSL inspection profiles and set them to use the old CA certificate.

[ corrections always welcome ]
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Replacing the certificate doesn't work but adding it with a different name did the trick

Thank you for your help


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