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Microsoft Teams not working in browser with invite link

We are encountering a somewhat strange anomaly, from many computers, sometimes it happens that after clicking on the link to access a meeting / call, the browser loads the address but then stops after a few seconds. This happens randomly. On PCs where we are carrying out tests, sometimes the same link works on a PC but after 1 hour, with another link it does not work and crashes.


We have a fortigate 900D, 

we have the rules set up to manage teams and skype traffic using the presets already included.


regola team.PNG


thank's all.

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update this post, in the firewall rules, there is one that blocks traffic to microsoft update. disabling it, Teams returns to work. The problem is figuring out how to make the rules coexist.


Hello @M-Polo-n,


> Ensure that the affected computers have stable and reliable internet connectivity.

> Cached data or cookies in the browser might cause issues with loading web pages correctly. Clear the browser cache and cookies, and then try accessing the Teams link again.

> Try accessing the Teams link using different web browsers to see if the issue is specific to a particular browser.

> If you have web filtering or SSL inspection enabled on your FortiGate, these features might sometimes cause problems with loading certain websites or services. Check if adjusting these settings has any impact on the issue.

> Monitor the FortiGate firewall logs while attempting to access a Teams link. Look for any blocked or rejected traffic related to Teams. This can provide insight into whether the firewall is interfering with the connection.


Please follow above steps and let us know if you are still facing the issue.






If any security profiles enabled you can check with web filter logs, application filter logs


Please follow above link and see if url is getting blocked
Thanks & Regards 
Mayank Sharma

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