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Meru MC1000 Firmware

Hi all


I am wondering if anyone can help?


I have recently purchased a Meru MC1000 controller and some AP320 access points (all 2nd hand). I have done a full reset of my controller. This is now configured and I'm trying to configure the AP's to connect to it. I have very little documentation available. 

It appears that my AP's are connecting but not running the same runtime as the controller. I thought I had automatic updates set for AP's but none of them are connecting and joining the network.

Does anyone have the admin/setup guide for an MC1000 and AP320's? 

Also does anyone have the latest firmware for the MC1000 controller?


Thanks in advance as this is a little personal project to teach myself managed wireless and I don't have the resourses to buy brand new.



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No response??


Does anyone have the firmware for Meru MC1000?


Desperate pleas to obtain a copy :)