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Memory Capacity Problems FG30/ FG50 and 6.2.X



we have some FG30E and FG50E models left and some of them (especially again a FG30E) with 6.2.14/15/16 have really high memory and it happend already 2 times after a restart that the config file was not loaded correctly. No Admin password and some interfaces wrong configured and with "diagnose geoip delete-geoip-db" at least we get them running again.


Is there not a bigger change to give them at least 8-12 months more of life with 6.2.X? After installing geo ip db

Version 2.X after some time we have the same situation:


/dev/mtd6 18.0M 17.6M 404.0K 98% /data
/dev/mtd7 30.0M 22.4M 7.5M 75% /data2


1 FGT30E-6.02-FW-build1378-230605 18432 16404 89% No
2 FGT30E-6.02-FW-build1392-240129 18432 18028 98% Yes
3 ETDB-92.01830 30720 22980 75% No


We aleady deactivated many features like IPS, Gadgets....everything we kind if need but since we dont want to risk to change the FG.


Also a special build we got from a TAC didnt change the situation, we run at 98% or 99% at the data.


Is there no other way to fix this? I guess the only option is downgrading to 6.0.17/18 but downgrading is always risky and we dont have technicians at all sites.





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