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Mark self originating packets with ToS / DSCP Value ?

Dear all,


I'm searching now for a while, but im not coming to any conclusion.


Is there any way to mark self originating packets such like BGP, BFD, OSPF with a specific DSCP / ToS Value ?

As i found out, a Fortigate is NOT doing that per default ( always sending out with DSCP 0 ), therefore any network element in the path is not able to determine the traffic type.


I'm talking about the normal type of network control traffic, to make sure my protocols will always get a little bit of ressources to keep up.

It's even more critical for BFD because i'm not allowed to have much jitter when a congestion occurs, so i have to make sure that packets are not queued.


Best Regards


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I wonder if anyone could answer this question.

For BGP sessions it's important that the control packets are marked so that congestion in the network does not cause the session to drop.


I'd also like to know that BGP control packets are prioritised over through-traffic, as i've learnt that by default, all traffic is queued with a high priority (which seems bizarre!). Let's say i was sending a large file through the Fortigate over a slow WAN link, with egress queueing occurring on the WAN side. What happens to BGP control packets (originating from the Fortigate) trying to egress that same (saturated) link?


TIA for answers.



For anyone who might need the information, routing informations is tagged CS6 (just tried for BGP).

Just putting the information here since the thread seem to still go up in search engines results.


I'm operating by "Crocker's Rules"

Oh, and one last thing : using VDOM (a transparent one), it's possible to tag anything self originating from the management VDOM.

Just in case you need it this kind of trick. :)


I'm operating by "Crocker's Rules"

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