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Managed fortiswitch port config

Hi experts,


Can someone please tell me what the standard port setup for an access port on a managed fortiswitch should be?


Via the GUI ypu have the option of setting a native VLAN and an allowed VLAN list. This would indicate to me that the default port config is to dot1q trunk?


Via the CLI, you also have the option of 'untagged' VLAN which would be more akin to a standard access port:


config ports
    edit "port1"
        set vlan "vsw.Fortilink"
        set allowed-vlans "qtn.Fortilink"
        set untagged-vlans "qtn.Fortilink"
        set export-to "root"


My question, which I can't see to glean from the documentation is how I should configure a port to me an untagged member of a normal VLAN and can this be done via the GUI?





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