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Make a software switch of Aggregate ports



I am new to this forum, but I already have found some interesting topics, nice job!


As company we bought a fortigate 200e and would like to set it up as follow :


1)Create 3 aggregate-ports

802.3ad Aggregate-port : port11-port12-port13-port14

802.3ad Aggregate-port : port15-port16

802.3ad Aggregate-port : port17-port18


2)Combine these 3 ports in a software switch


But we are not succeeding in step 2, we are working with the GUI-interface.


Are there any solutions for this problem?


Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards



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I don't believe it is possible to add aggregates into a soft switch.


The only solution would be to have the aggregates going into a separate switch and then from that switch into the fortigate.


I think can be.


When you create each Agg port on Step 1, just disable auto create address object matching subnet,

and see the result on Step 2.

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Thank you for your reply. It was possible.

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Hey Mike Halsey,


Welcome to the forum! It's great to see newcomers diving into tech discussions. Your FortiGate 200E setup sounds ambitious, and I'd love to share my experience.


Firstly, your idea to aggregate ports for increased bandwidth is spot on. However, when it comes to combining these aggregated ports into a software switch via the GUI-interface, it might be a bit tricky. Usually, FortiGate GUIs are more geared towards firewall and security configurations rather than complex networking setups.


Here's a suggestion: Instead of trying to create a software switch within the FortiGate, consider using an external switch, like a managed Ethernet switch. Connect your three aggregated ports to this switch, and then connect the switch to your FortiGate. This way, you can manage your VLANs and network traffic more efficiently while maintaining your desired aggregation.


In my experience, this approach has worked well when dealing with similar setups. I've tested this many times while working on various projects, including running into it at Andersen while working as a system administrator, so I'm sure it will help you as it has helped all my clients.

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