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Mail Recieving Delay in Outlook After FortiGate 600D Implementation.


This is Afsar From Bangladesh. Recently We Have Installed a FortiGate 600D in Our Company. After Implementation Everything Running Very Well. But Recently We Identified That There is a Huge Delay in Recieving Mail in Outlook. But In Web/Mobile There were no Issue. Only Problem is Happening Through Microsoft Outlook. How to Resolve This Problem..?


We Have Implemented These Profile for Firewall-

               1. AntiVirus -Default Profile

               2. Anti Spam-Default Profile

               3. IPS- to High Security Profile (For All)

               4. Application Filter (As Per as Our Company's Requirements But All Microsoft Apps is Allowed)

               5. Web Filter (As Per as Our Company's Requirements)


Please I Need to Find-out This Solution Very Soon. Please Help Anyone...

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I see this is an old question, but I am having the same exact issues. It's only Outlook (RPC over HTTP), where you open Outlook and it may sit for 15 minutes before connecting, or may not connect at all. But I have narrowed it down to being the Web Application Firewall on that incoming security profile. I have Antivirus and IPS turned on as well, but it only seems to happen with the WAF.  When I turn that off, all seems to connect and work pretty instantly.  I have followed the WAF logs in our FortiAnalyzer, and have turned down the settings of the WAF to not block any of the attempts that came up as being blocked. So now nothing is being blocked that was registering as a block, but again, Outlook only works fast and consistently when the Web Application Firewall is fully turned off.  Any ideas?  I cannot figure out where to look or what to do or how to troubleshoot.

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