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Mac OS Big Sur Bluetooth Keyboard not working when FortiClient VPN is running

Hey Folks,


weird thing ... I use MacBook Pro with an external Apple bluetooth keyboard. Everything works fine till I start FortiClient VPN. When FortiClient is open I can't type in other programms with my keyboard. Also submit buttons in Safari are not working anymore. I can't click them with my bluetooth mouse. 

But I still can move my mouse and I also can hear kind of an error sound, when I try to type on my keyboard.


Anyone any idea?


Best regards,


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I too have this issue for a few weeks. The bluetooth or built-in laptop keyboard stops working completly for long periods of time. I tried killing the FortiClient and it works again soon after. 


When the keyboard stops working, I select "Open FortiClient Console" and it is blank. I close it fine and the keyboard works again.




+1 for sure there is something wrong when running this client. It didn't happen on the previous 6


Running FortClient VPN on MacOS BigSur....consistent issue across BigSur 11.2.1/2/3 


This issue has started since upgrading from the 6.0+ client. 


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