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Does any version of FortiOS support MOBIKE with IKEv2 dialup VPNs (using the built-in client on Windows 7/8/10)?


I am able to successfully connect but the "status" as reported in Windows always shows a "no" for MOBIKE support.  I have spotted "processing notify type MOBIKE_SUPPORTED" (from the client-side) in the debug output of IKE on the Fortigate but no other messages indicating support on the Fortigate.  I have tried machine certificates as well as EAP for client-side authentication but the results are the same.


The only reference I've found (so far) in the Fortigate documentation is from the following:

It seems as if there should be an additional option for enabling MOBIKE (like the way EAP support is optionally enabled).


Also, the built-in Windows client issues DHCPINFORM packets (once connected) as a method to discover additional details.  This can be extremely useful to pass subnets to the client when split tunneling is used.  I have tried to enable the DHCP relay service on the dialup interface but it doesn't seem to work, at least not for DHCPINFORM packets.


Thanks everyone!


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