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MFA for ADFS 3.0 with FortiAuthenticator

We are about to add a vendor for SSO and want to use FortiAuthenticator for MFA. Any idea how to set this up for MFA Authentication in ADFS?

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Any news on this? Did you find anything meanwhile?


Not really. So far what I have found out is that the supplied image contains 2 vhd's. The datadrive VHD is what holds the IP settings. If you remove it and reboot, the IP will reset to default. Reattach it w/o change and the IP info will return on reboot. One key component left out even by Microsoft, is you must convert not only to a VHD, but a non-dynamic disk (done by editing disk in Hyper-V). I copied both to Azure with the IP set and attached the data drive to the OS disk (of course building a new VM with the VHD). It still did not work. My Premier support rep recommended attaching the OS disk to another Linux VM and then change the settings to DHCP, so that Azure can attach the static IP to it. Since apparently this build only has a rootfs.gz and I am not a Linux guru, I still have to figure out how to modify this. If I can get it to take DHCP show attached in Hyper-V, I know at least the FAC.vhd will boot and be responsive in Azure.


Just to be clear, even if you were to get this to work, it is not supported.  Official support is on the roadmap; please register your support via your Fortinet Account Manager.

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I know this is a bump of an old post, but did you manage to get it working ?

I try to upload the VM wich has been provisioned in hyper V, but it always gives me a swap space error and ask me to do a factory default. As MS does not give any access to the console in Azure i cannot do anything once it has been uploaded.


From installation guides

it is stated: Do not create swap space on the OS disk


This is where it probably goes wrong.


Any ideas ?


regards, Alex

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