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Lock Out of FortiClient 5.6.2

I've been experimenting with the FortiClient Configuration Tool for a mass deployment of the FortiClient and somehow I've made it where I can't control the software.


I started by setting a password on the client and setting both disable_unregister and disable_fgt_switch to 1.  I expected to be able to load an "unlock" config using the configured softwrare.


However, that does not seem to be the case.  I have no option to unlock and therefore no option to restore.  I can't unregister, uninstall, or even shut the software down.


It's a Windows 7 U x64 machine bound to a FortiWifi 60D running 5.4.5 .  I don't see any kind of compliance or client options like I used to.


Is there a process to getting management control back?






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