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Link monitor problem


 I'm trying to set up a backup WAN connection. In one location it works fine, but WAN connections there are configured as VLANs and connected through a switch.


 When they are connected directly to physical ports and untagged I receive a gateway error.

Here is my config:


set srcintf wan1 set server set gateway-ip set source-ip set interval 5 set failtime 5 set recoverytime 5 set update-cascade-interface enable set update-static-route enable set status enable end


I also created static routes with a different priority and separate policies for each connection.


When I try to enter this config I receive:


Gateway is not unique for the same interface.
object set operator error, -7 discard the setting
Command fail. Return code -7


WAN settings are: 

manual IP and the static route has a static gateway.


I have a few VPN tunnels (policy and interface based) under this physical interface.

What am I doing wrong?


EDIT: I'm using Fortigate 60E with latest OS (FortiOS v6.0.5 build0268 (GA))                     

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