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Limit Bandwidth for users


I working on freeradius server with fortigate to configure hotspot system 

evety things go fine 

my problem is when user logged in to his account and can access internet I want to make his bandwidth with limit 64 kb 

I used 

WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up  ,

WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down or  Mikrotik-Rate-Limit  atttribute to determine bandwidth 

but there is no result user still access internet with high band width and I don't want that 

how can I do that ?




not sure how this relates to user authentication, but ... 

- those AVPs (and I assume the mentioned strings are RADIUS AVPs) - WISPr-Bandwidth-Max* and Mikrotik-Rate-Limit .. those are usually vendor specific, so do not xpect Mikrotik* working on Forti*

- how about to combine user authentication with traffic shaping ? (as I guess you want to make it per some user group otherwise why to write about user logon)

- traffic shaping is described in .. how about that

- as user group membership is part of policy match, then how about per policy shaping page 18

- alternatively. assign users specific IP range and then you can do per-IP shaping

... whatever design suits your needs.


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thank you for your reply 

but how can I do that 

I will explain what I want to do exactly .

when user login to hotspot account  system will check his quota so if he exceed his quota limit . his bandwidth will be 2kb for example 

which attribute must I use ? 

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Hello starking9b,


Did you find the answer to this question you asked about 4 years ago? If you found it could you please share it with me because I need the right attributes too?

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