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Licensing FortiExtender and FortiGate



I would like help for the following case.


We are planning to install one Fortigate FG-40F and one Fortiextender FEX-511F to have better quality of 5G connectivity in a branch, this site will join the existing SDWAN network. Given this scenario I have the following questions:

  • Should UTP subscription only be considered in the Firewall?
  • Should UTP subscription be considered on both devices? (FG and FEX)
  • The current architecture has FortiManager, should 2 licenses be considered for both devices (FG-40F and FEX)? or just a license for the firewall FG-40F?

Traffic to the Internet would be routed locally through the firewall and corporate traffic sent to headquarters.

I hope you can help me.

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I thought that no license on any device is needed to use FEX on FG, but not sure.


Hey Matthew,

please take this with a grain of salt, I'm by no means an expert in FortiExtender, but to my understanding:

- Your setup is a FortiGate as main firewall, with a FortiExtender attached for better 5G connectivity?

- All traffic will go through FortiGate at some point (whether to then go to internet, or go to headquarters)?

- in that case, to my understanding:
-> a UTP licence on FortiGate should be sufficient

-> FortiManager does not really interact with FortiExtender, so you should only have the FortiGate count as a device; please note that if the FortiGate has vdoms, each vdom counts individually!

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