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License Expiration timing

Hi all

So the company I work for does firewall management for some of our customers.

Now our purchasing-guy did not manage to renew a coterm license that expired on September 30th. In the Forti Support Portal the licenses/subscriptions all already say 'expired'. However on the GUI of the Forti it says 'License will expire on 10/3/2022". I assume this is like a 3-day grace period?

Will the license expire at 10/3/2022 23:59:59 or at 10/3/2022 00:00:00?

We use Webfiltering on the affected FortiGates and this will default to block without. So I need to know if I still have time on Monday act (contact Fortinet/Reseller to organize some interim license or turn of webfiltering) or if I need to act on Sunday already.

Thanks so much for your help.


License will expire on 10/3/2022 23:59:59.


In addition, as a workaround you can enable 'allow website if a rating error occurs' in the webfilter profile, if renewing the licence takes longer than anticipated.

FortiGate should allow traffic, not block it, then.

Not the most secure solution but it prevents any outages.

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