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Latest safe FortiOS version with basic setup 7.0.2? - Keen on native Okta integration

Hi all,


We have a pair of 600E running a "safe" version 6.0.12 of FortiOS.


However we have recently deployed Okta for MFA and what to make use of the native Fortigate - Okta  Authentication integration for VPN available in the later versions - 6.4.x and above.


What is everyone's thoughts on running 7.0.2 or 6.4.7 in production with a fairly basic firewall config?

Is anyone else running these versions in production? 


thanks team!

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7.0.2 running (almost) fine in my lab, but not much traffic. I would avoid that very early release(s) in prod. 6.4.x in prod runs very stable. Important to follow the upgrade path coming from 6.0.x. Will be more then one update step to go to 6.4.x 

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