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Latest safe FortiOS version with basic setup 7.0.2? - Keen on native Okta vpn integration

Hi all,

  We have a pair of 600E running a "safe" version 6.0.12 of FortiOS.   However we have recently deployed Okta for MFA and what to make use of the native Fortigate - Okta  Authentication integration for VPN available in the later versions - 6.4.x and above.   What is everyone's thoughts on running 7.0.2 or 6.4.7 in production with a fairly basic firewall config? Is anyone else running these versions in production?    thanks team!

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Good morning,


we are running a FG600E Cluster with FOS 6.4.7 without any problems.

For a 7.0.x version we will wait a little longer.





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