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LAG/LACP between stacked Fortiswitches

I currently have a fortigate with 2 stacked Fortiswitches (248D).

Each switch is connected using only one port to the other.


I have a LAGed NAS on one switch. The LAG uses 4 ports for higher throughput from various networked devices.


Before I try it, I was wondering if it was possible to LAG/LACP multiple ports of stacked fortiswitches so that devices on the 2nd switch can gain higher throughput to the NAS on the first switch?


Basically I don't want to have 48 devices on the 2nd switch have to go through a single 1Gb/s port to access the NAS.


Thank you

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How about if the switches are being managed by FortiGates on 5.4.5?  It looked like MCLAG wasn't available for that case.  Can we use LAG between stacked FortiSwitches to increase bandwidth?  How about LAG to increase bandwidth back to the FGT?




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