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Issues with 7.2.2 in adding on interface VPN tunnels

We are having numerous Clients that go to 7.2.2. with existing Site 2 Site VPN tunnels on FGT's to FGT's with working configs on 7.2.0. and 7.2.1. That there is a Route Added for with the VPN interface to the routing table with the same metric as the default route. We are unable to disable via Web gui the "add-Route" and cli does not work either. Seems there are more changes to 7.2.2 code other then the security fixes.


Our VPN tunnels have a P2 of local and remote being since we control all this with static routes.


Hi mr_vaughn, is this a dialup IPsec VPN? If yes, then you would probably need to define the quick mode selector configuration under P2 of the VPN tunnels on the dialup client. FGT will install the route based on the local selector configuration of the client.

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No it is a site to site VPN. with static IP's on each tunnel


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