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Issue with FortiClient AP; No internet Connection

The firewall installed in our office has 8 Managed AP; all of the APs have the same FortiAP Profile configured.


There are two SSID profile configured; one for Guest and another for Office LAN access. 


However, in one of the APs, when the clients are connected to Office LAN SSID doesn't get an internet connection, but from the same AP if connected to Guest WiFi SSID, can access internet.


Is there any solution to this issue instead of restarting the AP all the time when the issue occurs? 




Hi there,


First of all please not FortiClient and FortiAP are different product. So your title/subject is a little confusing.

You've not provided much information to go from, so without an example of your config it's hard to pin-point the exact issue.

If one SSID is able to access the internet and the other isn't there's going to be a very obvious reason for this. A few i can think of straight away is that the VLAN or Wi-Fi interface used for the Office LAN has not been allowed access to the internet. Please ensure you have a firewall rule in place allowing the Office SSID/VLAN access to the internet.

Secondly if Office VLAN is going via a switch, please ensure this VLAN has been correctly tagged/allowed on the switch ports.

Thirdly, please ensure your clients can reach the configured DNS server in order to resolve domain names correctly.




John Battam
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Which FortiAP model and firmware version.

Which FortiOS version on your FG?

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