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Issue Virtual Wire HSRP

Hello team, My client is going to install two FG800s. They will not be part of a Cluster but my client will use FGSP (ports 3) to synchronize sessions between the two since one firewall will be installed in the main data center and the other in the backup data center. These firewalls have VirtualWire configured for ports 1 and 2 since the client only wants them to analyze the traffic and does not want to modify the topology of their network. Through the firewalls it has to carry HSRP traffic from the routers above them. However, the HSRP sessions are not being established since the FW's are in operation. Before placing the FW's, the HSRP sessions were established correctly. The connectivity between both routers is correct, only the HSRP fails. In both FW's I have allowed all the traffic through the virtual wire in both directions Is it possible that the HSRP sessions of the routers can go through a Virtual Wire link? Or on the contrary, the HSRP sessions do not run through virtual wire? I need to clarify this question in order to make a correct configuration for my client. Attached Network Scheme: Thanks in advance.

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