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Internet connectivity issue

Hi guys,


My company is using a Fortigate 60E on FW vers 6.2


Earlier today multiple users were unable to access the internet through the office network while users who were at home had no problem using the VPN to access shared folders in the office network.


After performing a reboot of fortigate, the network connectivity issues seemed to disappear.


Anyone here experienced something similar and if so, has a root cause been identified?




Your problem and its description is too generic for anyone to assume the cause would have been the same for similar problems they might have experienced before. If you were in the office in the position you could test, or have a way to remotely get in the FGT, you should have don't some troubleshooting when it was happening.

1) ping & traceroute from inside toward the internet: successful or doesn't get through and how far?

2) ping to an URL: DNS resolves URL or not?

3) routing-table, especially default route

4) any outstanding issues on the FGT like memory & CPU usage, etc.

5) any log on the FGT and the switches, including Eth interface issues between them

and so on and on. You have to do these before deciding to reboot the FGT. Otherwise you would never know what happened until the symptom comes back.


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Might be there were some issues. How is the issue now? Is this one solve yet or not? Though I have been using mirror Android device screen to PC for playing games. Did you ever use it for gaming purposes?


So I thought it might be DNS server. So I switched from Comcast DNS server to FortiGuard Server, then to Google, then back to Comcast DNS server. Nothing happened.

I thought it might be the SD-WAN having the wrong gateway for WAN1 (because under Interfaces, if I edit wan1, the IP/network mask is x.x.x.113/, so I change the gateway IP on SD-WAN from x.x.x.114 to x.x.x.113. This didn't do anything, so I changed it back to x.x.x.114. At this point, Internet for all FortiGate connected clients, magically came back.

I didn't change crap... But internet returned, for now. Previous time it went out over the weekend, I just power down and power up the Comcast Internet Gateway, and Internet came back on... though it took a while.

If anyone have any ideas on what other commands or what area of log I can look at to troubleshoot this, I would really appreciate it.



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