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Interface Traffic Volume Very Different Between FortiCloud, FortiGate, and Speedtest

For the same block of time I just compared three traffic volume reports for a client:


  • FortiGate Dashboard Interface Bandwidth Widget for wan port: 4.5 to 5.5 Mbps max down
  • FortiCloud FortiView Summary Traffic History Widget for wan port: 400-650 MB (no time scale or rate specified) down
  • simple speed test from laptop (nothing else active): 70 Mbps down[/ul]


    If the FortiCloud traffic history was Mbps and the speedtest was MB they would make sense, but as is, none of them seem to match.  Am I just reading or using these completely wrong, or might something else be going on?

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    Anybody else seen differences like this or can clarify why I'm seeing such big differences?  Thanks.

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