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Integrate Fortigate in Cisco Network using EIGRP



In my network i have a Cisco Switch connected to Cisco VSS Switchs (Core) using EIGRP routing protocol. 

I want to integrate a Firewall ( Fortigate) between these two switchs and i can not change the routing protocol since i have many routes already configured in VSS.

What is the perfect methode to integrate the Fortigate in this Network ?

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You should have considered the routing protocol before getting a new FW. Only way to put router/FW that doesn't support EIGRP like FortiGate in to Cisco network with EIGRP is finding a common protocol like OSPF or BGP that the FGT supports then redistribute routes between EIGRP and OSPF/BGP at the Cisco VSS switch like below.
There should be many more documents available publicly. If any problems, you can ask them in the Cisco Community.



Hi @Atef_21 ,


FortiGate does not support EIGRP routing protocol. You may find some useful information on the following links:


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Hello @fricci_FTNT / @Toshi_Esumi ,

I would to thank you for your responses, but the problem here that i have many routes configured in my switchs and i cannot change the routing protocol because it will be very critical. So i'm asking here if there are some features in Fortigate to solve this case.  

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Why not run OSPF on your switches and then re-distribute EIRGP into OSPF.  Then run OSPF on the gate.

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