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IPV6 Recursive DNS on the fortigate

I have configured recursive DNS server on my fortigate. Straight forward config


config system dns-server edit "lan" set mode recursive set webfilter-profile '' next end


It works great on IPv4 on my LAN.

Here is where I am having issues. I have IPv6 configured on the LAN interface as well. all my LAN clients can do IPv6

Since my ISP is not IPv6 capable, I have NAT64 configured. Also I have a IPv6 tunnel to a tunnel broker. Both works without issues.


config system sit-tunnel edit "HE" set destination set ip6 xxxx:xxx:xx:xxx::2/64 set interface "wan" next end


For some reason if I use DNS recursive server on the fortigate on IPv6, queries are constantly timing out. sometimes it works.

My questions:

1. Does ipv6 recursive DNS server works on fortigate?  (current firmware 5.2.5)

2. Anyone setup ipv6 on the fortigate with full config and have a sample setup scenario? 

3. Any troubleshooting tips? 



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i'm guessing from the lack of replies no one uses ipv6 Recursive DNS server on the fortigate. 

I've gone back to using my tunnel providers ipv6 DNS servers. Would have been nice to be able to recursive DNS for ipv6 on the fortigate. 

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Ditto.  I'd love to be able to accomplish this.  I am using the 6.2 code and am sure it's possible.   The IPv6 interface address is from the WAN interface, but I can't seem to get the setting that sets the local interface as the DNS server in the DHCP6 request.

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