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I am running into an issue with XAUTH authentication for IPSEC VPN users to a remote LDAP server. This is on Firmware 7.0.2.  Users can authenticate locally without issue. This is on MAC(s) and is working fine on a 6.0.4 implementation. I am trying to get to 7.0.2 to fix an VPN IP address allocation issue that 7.0.2 has newer features for


I have tested the LDAP server through the test features.

The connection test works

The user test works


When a user goes to login to the VPN the get the username/password window.

When the username and password is entered it is not accepted and they keep getting a prompt for this window


When I do a



diag debug application ike -1



I get



ke 0:RMTUSERS_0:610: peer has not completed XAUTH exchange
ike 0: comes x.x.x.x:1943->1x.x.x.x:4500,ifindex=25,vrf=0....
ike 0: IKEv1 exchange=Mode config id=06fc89be880d43e9/849718f9d6c152da:3884d1e6 len=108 vrf=0
ike 0: in 06FC89BE880D43E9849718F9D6C152DA081006013884D1E60000006C8B5ADF086D7C955D1D0D0A6A16D754F73F122FAE00A29EFF30BD9D1E8C4730C2E123E78E3242BD36D22AA038F8FC7101FFBD9C9DDB5D21487EE475BD1319C83F3F0AB404C38249CE0E93F18ED1C69392
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0:610: dec 06FC89BE880D43E9849718F9D6C152DA081006013884D1E60000006C0E000024A86D2C87B113747DB0493986C639FD538DC64BE43A64438E14C542F3BEB95044000000230200E500408900087277697468657273408A000B6361743133616262253233000000000000000009
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0:610: received XAUTH_USER_NAME 'myusername' length 8
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0:610: received XAUTH_USER_PASSWORD length 11
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0: XAUTH user "myuserid"
ike 0:RMTUSERS: auth group myauthgroup
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0: XAUTH 1250242846 pending
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0:610: XAUTH 1250242846 result 1
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0: XAUTH failed for user "myuserid", retry(2).
ike 0:RMTUSERS_0:610: sending XAUTH request



and it does this each time the password is entered


I am sure the password is correct as I mentioned above it tests fine in the LDAP test setup.


From a packet capture I can see the traffic being sent and received from the LDAP server.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is got me stuck.




Hello rwithers,


It seems that IKE is just getting a deny message from the fnbamd process which will handle the XAuth authentication and that is why the connection is getting denied:


ike 0:RMTUSERS_0:610: XAUTH 1250242846 result 1


Can you please run the fnbamd debugs and paste the output of the debugs here? (you might need to sanitize the output a bit due to public forum)


diag debug application fnbamd -1

diag debug console timestamp enable

diag debug application ike -1

diag debug enable






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