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IP Blocking Automation

Currently using the FortiGate firewall, “Version: Fortigate-1240B v4.0,build0646,121119 (MR3 Patch 11)” Instead of clicking the Web-GUI, which feature/option of the firewall can be used to block pre-defined IP for a pre-defined period of time in an automated fashion? e.g.: 1.) firewall automatically get IP from a webpage for blocking 2.) user upload a text file containing list of IP to be blocked 3.) any other method to achieve the purpose Thanks a lot!
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You can use the firewall's CLI (Command Line Interface) to achieve this. To block a pre-defined IP for a pre-defined period of time in an automated fashion, you can use the following steps:

  1. SSH into the firewall
  2. Use the following command to create a firewall address object: "config firewall address"
  3. Use the following command to block the address object: "config firewall policy"
  4. Save the configuration using the following command: "end" "execute reboot"

This way you can block IP addresses in an automated fashion using the CLI.


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