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I cant view my payment gateway website

hi everyone

i am newly trying fortigate firewall.. and lets say i am having a custom payment gateway to make invoice to customers ( after i reach the site i cant log in and the screen showing white only nothing else and the browser keeps loading


can you please explain why is that and how to overcome this


My devive is : 40f

Framework : v6.x


Thank you


are you the one hosting website? meaning your FG 40F doing the DNAT?

have you tried to access your portal outside of your network without any profiles and review the logs?

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thank you for the reply no the lets say paypal for example same like paypal we are using some 3rd party company gateway..


i am totally new to firewall configuration


and there is another website called that one workd past days but now its not working and showing error and saying malicius website


but i know this site is totally legit i tried to unblok from "Web Filter > Static url filter" and i allowd and unckchekd the other sandbox and webcontent filter which is apears under the allowd list but no luck still the site is blockd.


wht i am try to say here if in future if i get the same block to my company website means what do i can do?

thats why i conserning this problem


thanks :)


got your thought buddy.

1st thing remove any security profiles in your outbound policy and try to access those websites. if you can accessed those websites withount any issues then something might hitting your profiles.

2nd, if using url filter i always used the Exemot action than Allow. pls see below how to work with url filter

Cookbook | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.2.3 | Fortinet Documentation Library

3rd, I bet your device have a valid subscriptions, feel free to seek help from Fortinet TAC by creating case ticket.

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thank you for the answer.. your answers are valid but i tried those things the issue is not from in bound it was from the payment gateway side currently its working fine thank you soomuch :D


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