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How to upgrade Forticlient using deployment tool such as Microsoft Intune

We have forticlient aleady deployed to windows devices using version 5.4.5 We have used Forticlient Configurator version 6.0.8 to create an MSI package to deploy to windows devices. When installing the MSI manually, the GUI displays an option to upgrade the installed version. However when deployed via Microsoft Intune, the previous version is not upgraded or removed and remains on the device.

There are no errors from Intune which seems to think the installation was successful. However opening Forticlient on the device still shows the previous version. If we deploy Forticlient on a device without forticlient already installed, it is successful.


This is the string we are using in Intune to deploy: /quiet /norestart INSTALLLEVEL=3


Is there a string we can use to force an upgrade of an existing version ?


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