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How to update FortiManager object address if per-device mappings enable

There is two question would like to know


1. Is there anyway and method update FortiManager object/group address in huge of list then import to FGT without conflict other FGT unit?


2. We use per-device mappings for Dynamic Address & Dynamic Group objects extensively for some object within manage FortiGate. When it comes to adding a new object with huge list. it takes a considerable amount of time to update the per-device mappings and I'm looking for a way to script this within FortiManager.


may i know anyway could achieve it? The FMG version is 6.4.10. Appreciate anyone could share the experience.

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I always use the per-device mapping mode of objects that depending on the device have a different value. So you should avoid problems from the start.

When I add a new FortiGate I do a review of all objects to avoid conflicts. Alternatively you can also do it at the first join to FortiManager. After that the management is done like everyone else.

You have to say that I started using FortiManager from version 7.0 so I don't know if there are less features in version 6.4 from this point of view.


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HI @ac1 


Thanks for your feedback and information.


I should correct my word, the inquiry above is for existing which is FGT already manage by FMG. 


i agreed with you that you idea as a project if that is new device join "avoid problems from the start".


However it's different manage way if the we talk to in operation process. It's don't make sense if the FMG don't have such feature or method to update the address object in per-device mapping for huge amount of list and request consumer update in FGT instead. If it's does, I don't see why we still need purchase FMG for manage then. 


Since you are started in version 7.0. Did you related feature in version 7.0 and above?


Hope anyone could share they experience.



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