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How to redirect IP and port to network via an IPSec?

Hello everyone, I'm new here in the forum but I've always followed everyone's posts.

I have a problem and would like help.

I'm trying to direct a port to an IP that sits on another network through an IPSec but I'm not succeeding.

A diagram is shown below.


How can I access the IP: over the WAN at on port 3229?


Already configured the networks between head office and branch, internet and LAN, I can achieve both between head to branch and branch to between head.


Does anyone have any ideas?


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Good morning everyone.


I was able to solve the problem, it was related the static routes of the Fortigate in head-office. Previously I had set up static backup routes with different distances,priorities (failover) and the packets came by one route and tried to get out for another, I just put all the routes with the same priority and distance and bingo, the port forward worked, if anyone has some problem in configuring SD-WAN + IPSec redirection, can leave your questions.


Thank you :)




I'm new in this forum. I have a similar problem. Can you explain more in detail this routing configuration? I tried several ones, but it does not work for me.


Thank you in advance.

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