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How to make automatic telemetry connection

Hello, we are using fortiems version 7.0.9 build 0537 in our company. our users are defined as unverified users in the system

We have 2 licenses, one is 75 and one is 200, last night we missed the renewal of one of our licenses, it fell out of the system and 200 users were disconnected from telemetry.


Today we renewed our license but it remained as 75 used of 275 in the system. When we checked the users we had previously installed, we observed that they were dropped from Zero Trust Telemetry and remained so.



it would take us weeks to do this manually, is there any way to force it to reconnect automatically?


@mesen ,


Did you try to use the below option of sending invitation emails ? 


This will help end user to connect to EMS just by clicking a link in the email.


Hope this helps. 





Hello, thanks for help.

Is there a way to do it automatically without leaving it to the users?


Hi @mesen ,


Below articles describes the process of automatically connecting to ZTNA Telemetry after the FortiClient installation. The FortiClient deployment package has Zero Trust Telemetry Enabled by default and cannot be disabled and this Installs FortiClient with Telemetry enabled. FortiClient may automatically launch and connect Telemetry to the EMS server that created the installed deployment package after the installation. But in your case, you haven't uninstalled the FCT and hence may require a invitation code to connect back to EMS manually fpr the end user. 


Let me know if this helps. 





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