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How to filter/search CLI SHOW/GET output?

FortiOS 5.0.4. How can I add a filter (effectly, in UNIX-speak, ... |grep ...) to a CLI command in a SHOW or GET operation? For example, I' d like to be able to: FG# config firewall policy FG (policy)# show | filter dstintf " ISP-MyISP" .. and have the output show only those entries under config firewall policy where the entry contains dstintf equal to " ISP-MyISP" . Presently, to avoid having to either read through the whole output to find a specific policy statement, or memorize specific policy statement ID numbers, I have to go to the GUI where it' s easier to find a specific rule and see its ID, then go to the CLI to view it in full detail. That' s inconvenient and inefficient. thanks,