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How to bypass fortinet fortiguard web filtering??

So umm my college has blacklisted quite a few websites and apps so as to promote productivity and a studious environment. They are using fortinet for this task.

Unfortunately this also includes steam, epic games and even the riot client. I cannot access any of them and cant play any games on my dorm wifi. I was hoping to gain help for bypassing this even if its just for steam epic and riot. I can always use my mobile data connection to access the other websites but playing valorant on mobile data hotspot leads to ridiculously high ping in the neighborhood of like 150-250 ms. Can anyone help with this??

keep in mind I am not an expert or even well versed in networking so please treat me like your parents when trying to explain how things work or how to go about trying to bypass this.

Hello Masanseti,


you would have to access the FortiGate for that with a reasonable admin account and change the web filtering policy (or DNS filter, if that is in place). If you have no access, that will be difficult or impossible to bypass. That is probably the intention of the network admin.


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This is not a hacking forum.

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Perhaps you could talk to your college's IT department so that they will allow you to use these? Moreover, I am also a technical college student and not long ago I discovered StudyMoose for myself, more concretely, I came across this source which inspired me a lot, because here I found a very interesting information, there it talked about medical billing and coding, it really attracted me and I was amazed by what I read there.

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