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How to Deploy FortiGate-VM from VHD image

Hi ,


Is there anyone know how to deploy FortiGate-VM from VHD image? 


Since Fortinet providing VHD image for downloading, I was trying to create a image based on VHD file , but not successful. 


There is a guide page to say it is possible at


Here is what I copied from that url page:


Deploying FortiGate-VM from a VHD image file
You can deploy FortiGate using custom templates or PowerShell from VHD image files.

VHD image files are available from Fortinet Customer Service & Support. Go to Download > VM Image, then select FortiGate as the Product and Azure for the Platform. The file name is, where XXXX is the build number.

Once the download is complete, unzip the file and locate the fortios.vhd file. Upload the fortios.vhd file to your blob/storage location as required by your deployment templates.



I have uploaded VHD file to Azure blob storage, but if I tried to create a image using this VHD file, I will get an error to say this is dynamically expanding VHD file. It will require static size image. I also tried to convert it from Dyanmic to Static but still got some errors.


Any thoughts or experience on this process?





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Basically, I am trying to launch Fortigate-VM (BYOL) directly from Fortigate-VM VHD image file instead of using the marketplace. I already downloaded the VHD file from VM download site, but not sure how to launch it. 


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